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Learn the process & make it your own

I enjoy teaching techniques that get you thinking outside the box!  In this video, I'm  sharing how I alter paintbrushes using polymer clay and a few supplies.

Once you watch the process you can come up with your own characters to create your very own unique altered paintbrushes. 

I value your time! ⏰

We rarely have as much time creating as we would like, right? I want you to quickly see how easy this process is and then get your hands dirty creating! This project would normally take an hour or so to do in real time. However, I show you how in a 20 minute video. How? With the magic of editing, I speed up the video and narrate over it, because I respect your time. Now you can get busy creating in a shorter amount of time. 

Downloads include:

Altered Paintbrush Supply List

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This video tutorial information is not intended to be shared in any way. However, you may sell items you make using this tutorial and I encourage you to do so! 

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Make paintbrushes for gifts or for sale!

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